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Should you ever take a break from your diet?

While I was pregnant I continues to workout until the last 2 months and my hip went out, so I was laid up not doing much activity as it was hard just to walk to the bathroom without pain. Well not doing the activity I was use to eating like I was still active. Well no activity plus food = FAT!

Fat is no fun and it is hard to take off. So after baby was born I no longer had an excuse to be fat! We all know diets are tough to stick with and that is why I usually was able to eat right but was also able to eat New lifestyle, tomtra, team tkdhigh calories due to my workout schedule.

Well as you moms know adding the 3rd child to the mix really cuts into the time. Finding time to get in all the workouts I would like to do gets hard. But I am slowly getting back into adding more and more. Getting off 33 lbs with the help of New Lifestyle diet really helps lighten the load so to say.

There is days that following a strict diet are harder then others, but as the old saying goes – anything that is worth doing can be hard! If you mess up one day doesn’t mean you have to start over tomorrow or even the next day. Just get right back on the correct path and keep going. You can do it and you reap the rewards as you go. I am getting closer to my pre-pregnancy weight and then I will see where that takes me. My goal weight will come if I keep going. You can keep going too!


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