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That is why I choose to live better over dieting

Well we all have set backs and bad weeks – well hello this week has been a bad one for me! I started out the week with a head cold. Ugh! Well I eat more cause I was stuck not doing some of my normal activities, and didn’t workout like I should have, because of not feeling well. Then by eating more I really didn’t feel well.

Wow what a vicious cycle that is! So glad I caught that and got back on track! How many people does this cycle happen to and they don’t stop it or even see that it is happening!

Catching this cycle before it is out of hand is the difference between a lifestyle and a diet! Of course we all slip up from time to time, that is part of life!

I am glad I have the skills to help get me back on track even when I have a bad week or day from time to time!

I try not to use excuses but I am still trying to adjust to new baby, school back in full swing for the older girls, staying up with daily life and business. New lifestyle diet is great for helping me get back on track and making it easy to loose the weight I still have to drop. Now I need to amp up my workouts to help keep me more focused for sure.

Just don’t give up!! Even taking a few steps back from time to time it is not giving up – it is part of life!



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