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Had a set back

So I started on New Lifestyle Diet a while back and it was going very well – then I went to more of a maintenance program where I was eating a few more calories and using pudding as snacks and bars as snacks. I loved that I was still loosing but not as fast. With nursing baby still that was fine with me. I started exercising more (finding time with baby was my new life style, die, lifestyle, womens, weight loss, loose, shakes, pudding, meals, team tkd, traci davis, water, drink, cinna-snack, chocolate, snack, it works, fuel, chick fil a, peach, drink, chips, bbq,,Pudding/Shakes, Puddings, Hot Soups, Hot Drinks, Oatmeal, Cereal, and Smoothies  biggest challenge – but doing it) Well the weight loss stopped and I started gaining for no reason – nothing had changed and was even exercising more so it did not make since. Well thru test found I was low in Iodine a common thing for pregnant and nursing moms. Iodine is essential for brain development for babies so moms give all their iodine to baby and take from themselves.

I am not a big salt eater so I do not get enough and not enough Iodine makes the thyroid not work properly and we all know if your thyroid is not working right it does not matter what you do you will not lose weight at all!

So after doing a combination of detoxes and cleanses – had to do them all slowly as to not affect baby. But I feel better (I really think everyone needs to do a cleanse after pregnancy – it is a big stress on body) now and have added iodine supplements to my diet. My Iodine is not where is needs to be yet but we are working on it.

So now I am back on full time New Lifestyle Diet and have to lose the same weight again ugh. Oh well – I know with NLSD it will be easy to do!


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