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Which one is better?

Whey or Soy? Well both proteins have there place and their benefits. I love the fact with New LifeStyle diet I can have a great balance of both soy and whey.

Some people can tolerate soy better then whey and some whey better then soy. Some people need to limit soy or limit whey. Some diets are of one type. I love New new life style, die, lifestyle, womens, weight loss, loose, shakes, pudding, meals, team tkd, traci davis, water, drink, cinna-snack, chocolate, snack, it works, fuel, chick fil a, peach, drink, chips, bbq, http://www.newlifestylediet.com/Lifestyle Diet because it does have a good mix. I was having some thyroid issues and to much soy can trigger thyroid issues so it is great to be able to continue on my journey since I have cleansed and am back on the right track – down 5 lbs now and loving it.

I am mixing up New Lifestyle Diet with all the great meals they offer. My day is full of Chocolate pudding, steak and cheese, bean soup, great bars and yummy drinks. I am hoping to try the oatmeal soon so I have a great start to my days with that!


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