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In the season of giving!! I have 30 books that just came in!! If you want one this is the time to do it!!

I am selling these 30 books only for $18 each (shipped) Reg $34 plus shipping at — get The Momma Guide now and find out what all the buzz is about!! The Momma Guide is the owners manual you should have gotten at the hospital when your baby was born! This book is not just for new moms, but for all parents! The Momma Guide covers it all from conception to empty nest. This book was written by Traci Davis (the go to momma) and Vicki Holleman-Perez. Both women have had hardcore experience of being parents from many aspects and also have gotten input from other mothers/parents from all ages and lifestyles. This book has it all!! Get it now at this special price!! Limited time so act now!!

Self help book for ALL parents
Parenting and more

Just paypal and put special on The Momma Guide as subject with shipping address!! – If you do not have paypal email me and we can take other means of payments.

Limited time offer!! Merry Christmas to all!


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