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These bottles are great!! Team TKD uses them while riding and running!! In the Texas Heat they will keep your drink colder longer!! 24 oz size is perfect to keep you hydrated even on the longest of rides!! The sports bottle design fits perfect on your bike and the carrying strap makes it nice to tag along with you on runs/walks or any workout you might be doing!! The bottles also come in 20 oz for shorter rides and runs. An the new half twist bottles are good for everyday use for any lifestyle!!

Team TKD loves Polar Bottles

Team TKD loves Polar Bottles

Polar Bottle® is the original insulated plastic sport bottle. It keeps liquids colder longer than other water bottles. We innovated the industry back in 1994 by creating a bottle that would actually keep water cool during any outdoor activity. The bottle has evolved in the years since with brightly colored foil liners and patterns and an innovative removable valve system. Made in America, Polar Bottle is popular throughout the world.

Be sure to check out http://www.polarbottle.com/ and tell them Team TKD sent you!! You will be glad you tryed this bottle!!


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