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Have you ever wanted to Sit atop a genuine 2300lb Texas Longhorn for a great photo op!? Not one that bucks but one that is tame?

Well this is the deal for you!! We are located in Weatherford, TX. I have 2 Longhorn riding steers, they are super gentle and LOVE to have their pictures taken!!

I am offering — If you would like to do family pictures with the steers I am offering  for $300 for a 30 min session the steers can hold up to 4 people about 500 lbs you can use both or one – no rides just sitting. saddled or not saddled.

The boys (Bingo and Tater Tot) love to have their pictures taken and are very easy to handle. I am offering people to come out here to do pictures with their own camera. If you need to do a larger group on location we can arrange that as well!!

Bingo and Tater Tot have been in commercials and love to show off their horns for the camera!! Contact Traci Davis to schedule your session!! 254-433-0806 spurtlvs@cbnn.net

Bingo & Tater Tot

Bingo & Tater Tot


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