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The incredible training supplement that waspreviously only available to elite teams and athletes is now available to the general public! Any athlete who wants to be more EXPLOSIVE, have more ENDURANCE, and have a faster RECOVERY needs to read this information. www.oxygen4energy.com/tnt

The training supplement that was previously only available to elite teamsand athletes is now available to the general public!Once you try it, you’ll know why so many top athletes in so many different sports can’t stop raving about it!What’s the Big Secret?O-X-Y-G-E-NMost of us have seen pro football players using oxygen on the sidelines. By flooding their bodies with oxygen, they can perform at the highest possible physical level for the entire game.What many people don’t know is that top athletes in many different sports have been using oxygen in their training for years in secrecy.Why?… Because it really works!The reason the general public has never really been educated on the benefits of oxygen on physical performance is that in the past, oxygen was only available with a doctor’s prescription and supervision. This made it only accessible to ELITE teams and athletes.This is no longer the case.The first breakthrough came with “oxygen bars” offering recreational oxygen to consumers. This didn’t help athletes much though because it’s not like there is an oxygen bar on every corner and it’s not like every athlete wants to run to an oxygen bar before they work out or compete.The most recent breakthrough though, is the one that will catch your attention as an athlete. Check this out:Recreational breathing oxygen now comes in small portable canisters that allow you to CONVENIENTLY flood your body with oxygen ANY TIME YOU WANT. This can have a HUGE impact on your physical performance! The Sports ScienceThere are basically three principals you need to know about how oxygen affects muscle performance. Once you understand these principals, it’s easy to see why it works so well.Principal 1OXYGEN combines with glucose to create ATP, the main energy source for your muscles. The more ATP your muscles have, the more powerful and explosive they will be.Principal 2When your muscles don’t receive enough OXYGEN to support their exertion, they begin to produce lactic acid, which can cause muscle fatigue and failure. The more OXYGEN your muscles receive, the slower the production of lactic acid and the slower the rate of muscle fatigue.Principal 3OXYGEN is needed by your body to metabolize lactic acid in the liver AFTER exercise. The more OXYGEN you get into your body POST-exercise, the faster your muscles can recover.In simple terms, flooding your body with oxygenbefore, during and after exertion, should allow you to train harder, train longer and recover faster.If that is not enough to make you want to try using oxygen,then please read on!Supporting ResearchThere have been numerous university studies on what is known as “hyperoxic training” (training under elevated oxygen levels) and the results have been pretty conclusive. Hyperoxic training has been shown to:Increase Power OutputIncrease Muscular EnduranceDecrease Lactate Production During ExertionReduce Cardio Stress During ExertionAllow Athletes to Overcome Plateaus they were not able to overcome at Normal Oxygen Levels Help Athletes get Faster Results from TrainingWhat athlete in their right mind would not wantthese kinds of benefits?High Altitude vs. Low AltitudeOne of the most popular training philosophies these days is live high – train low.The LIVE HIGH aspect has you live at high altitude or sleep in an altitude tent so that your body produces more red blood cells, which improves oxygen delivery to the muscles.The TRAIN LOW aspect has you train at lower altitudes where the oxygen content is higher so that you have more power, more endurance, less lactate production and faster recovery times.Many experts agree that the fastest, most powerful athletes all train at sea level where the oxygen content is high because it allows for higher intensity training. With that higher intensity, the muscles adapt to and remember the faster speeds and increased power outputs. If you really think about it, the ability to flood your body with oxygen at any time is kind of like instantaneously going to a lower altitude to train or compete, except without all of the hassle.

No Matter What Your Sport… No Matter What Your Level…Oxygen can take your Training and Performance to a New Level!

If you are serious about your training and competitive performance, you need to be using OXYGEN! To order, go to: www.oxygen4energy.com/tnt Questions?… Call (254)433-0806


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