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Let’s Cook Tonight Cookbook

I want to Thank Gigi Centaro for allowing me to review this wonderful cookbook!! You can tell Gigi’s passion about cooking. She has experimented with innovative ways to cook before she was old enough to drive to the grocery store. As a new bride, she taught herself to cook nutritionally balanced meals and learned that home-cooked meals create healthier bodies and healthier families—physically, emotionally, and financially. After visiting relatives in Italy, Gigi realized how much a home-cooked meal provides emotional sustenance and that dinnertime is a great time to reconnect with family.

Gigi’s family and friends refer to her as America’s Cooking Cheerleader™, and WOW are they right!! This cookbook was built with busy times in mind!! Let’s Cook Tonight has so many wonderful easy meal ideas!! I just love the index of 30-40 min meals, 40-50 min meal etc.. You know when you choose that meal how long you need!! When the kids are yelling MOM I’M HUNGRY! You can tell them 20 more minutes and mean it! The shopping list with EACH recipe is even better then that!! — My Go To Momma trick is pick the recipes you like take a picture of that page with your phone and when you get to the store you have a list!! Delete the picture when you get all the items!! Time saving time!!

Gigi shares her passion through her cookbook, her website and her blog. She gives presentations to organizations, associations, and groups of people interested in sharing healthy, home-cooked meals with family. Gigi has some great video’s on YouTube be sure to check them out!

I LOVE the plastic page covers that you can remove and write on with dry erase marker for easy tracking while cooking!!

Oh and the BEST part when you go to the website you can Receive 9 of Gigi’s menus Free! Just sign up on the right with your name and email address to receive 3 menus a month for the next three months! What a great way to try her great meals out!! Click here to visit Gigi’s site!!

In Let’s Cook Tonight, Gigi Centaro teaches you that the health, family, and financial benefits provided by a good, home-cooked meal far outweigh the time and effort involved. Gigi has streamlined the entire process of planning, shopping for, and cooking a complete meal. She teaches you how to find the time to cook, and how to make delicious, nutritious dinners using the least amount of thought, work, and time.

Gigi wants to create a movement of men and women who are cooking for their families to improve their health, create quality family time, and save money. Let’s Cook Tonight will give you the guidance you need to start making and sharing healthy, great tasting meals for yourself, your friends and your family.

This cookbook is great be sure to buy Let’s Cook Tonight for complete menus, grocery lists, prep & cooking sequences all designed to get dinner on the table in the least amount of thought, work, & time. A cookbook for people who don’t have the time to plan and organize a meal. 208 pages ISBN 978-0-615-42865-9

Review by Go To Momma ~ Traci Davis ~

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