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Tom Davis ~ The Horse’s Solution!

Tom is a full time trainer and Clinician. Tom has a great love for horses and an easy manner of starting your young horse out on the right track. Tom is also booking clinics and lessons.

“The foundation of your colts career is everything – without it you will have nothing.”

To learn Tom’s quiet methods of starting colts, and have hands on experience with Tom demonstrating and coaching you along the way. Book Tom to come to your facility or sign up for a clinic here at TnT Ranch. Tom will guide you and your group in the ways that have worked for him for years.

How it works!

At these clinics – Tom will offer Horsemanship classes and The opportunity to start your young horse with guidence from Tom. Also bring your troubled horse to get help one on one with Tom regardless of the age, sex, reputation or problem your horse is having with you. (you choose the one you want)


-Start your Colt with Tom Davis – do you have a young horse that you want to Start but need some direction – This 3 day event will have you riding your young horse with confidence. Fee is $300 for 3 days 

Tom Davis Horsemanship

Tom Davis Horsemanship

-Also Horsemanship class to improve you and your horses relationship.

Looking for a new horse? Check out our horses for sale page .

Demo Horse ~ For Horsemanship Clinics

From time to time we will need demo horses to use at a clinic.

If you have a troubled horse, a colt that needs started, help with trailer loading, or a foal that needs help with halter training. contact us with the horse you have.

The fee for working with your horse at a clinic is $100.

If we are not in your area with a clinic inquire about hosting a clinic or let us know if there is a need in your area for a clinic.


-To book a Horsemanship, Colt Starting, or foal/weanling haltering clinic, please call or email. Clinics can be held here at TnT Ranch or at your Ranch or other facility. Book Tom for coming to your Ranch for a week long group Colt Starting class. Where Tom will help start up to 10 or more of your colts in that week. With your ranch hands or trainers learning the methods that have shaped Tom’s skills, to get the most out of your young horses abilities. $300 per head for the week. Travel expenses extra, depending on ranch or facility location. email or call 254-433-0806

Come ride with Tom Davis anytime. Your Horse will Thank you!


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