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Whey or Soy   Leave a comment

Which one is better? Whey or Soy? Well both proteins have there place and their benefits. I love the fact with New LifeStyle diet I can have a great balance of both soy and whey. Some people can tolerate soy better then whey and some whey better then soy. Some people need to limit soy or limit whey. Some diets are […]


Save some more cash this month   Leave a comment

Save on your New Lifestyle Diet purchase! This is a great way to get started with New LifeStyle Diet – by saving some cash!! To help you create your new lifestyle and save money this month, we’re giving you a coupon code that will save you $30. To take advantage of this savings, just add […]


Back at it New Lifestyle   Leave a comment

Had a set back So I started on New Lifestyle Diet a while back and it was going very well – then I went to more of a maintenance program where I was eating a few more calories and using pudding as snacks and bars as snacks. I loved that I was still loosing but not as […]


New year new you – New Lifestyle   Leave a comment

New you With January 1st comes new plans and resolutions for a new body, healthy eating, weight loss or lifestyle changes. well what is your changes?? It should include New LifeStyle Diet. this diet will help you get your goals for sure. Great shakes and puddings and bars and more! I have been using New […]


New Lifestyle Diet – Save $30   Leave a comment

  Time to save!!!   To help you save money and get the new year started right, during the month of January, we’re giving you a coupon code that will save you $30. To take advantage of this savings, just add $200 or more worth of items to the shopping cart and use the coupon code: […]


What is a diet?   Leave a comment

Diet…. Well some think it is a bad four letter word – while others think it is a way of eating and others believe it is torturer. The dictionary says it is a  (Noun) The kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats. or as a (verb) Restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds […]


Your last supper   Leave a comment

How many have you had? You will start that diet tomorrow — does tomorrow ever come for that diet? I have said it before this is the last big meal I will eat and then tomorrow it is a new day! Is this the best way to live? YoYo diets? That last meal is it […]


What is your diet?   Leave a comment

Why do we diet? Wow deep questions — why do you diet? Or did you make a change on your life choices and eating habits? Or do you yoyo diet? Do you diet to look better? Feel better? Have more energy? Do you diet because the doctor said you need to? Well there is a ton of […]


Protein, Protein, Protein   Leave a comment

Why so much Protein? It works that is why! Protein is very filling and does not convert as fast as fats and carbs. I love New Lifestyle Diet’s plan with all the All diet plans ensure that the diet is nutritionally-balanced. The New Lifestyle Diet is no different. It is a portion-controlled, nutritionally balanced plan that allows your […]


Convenience in a bottle!   Leave a comment

I am always on the go With 9 month old baby, 16 year old daughter on the go and 9 year old daughter wanting to run the other direction. Plus full time everything! I am always in a hurry and running out of time. I love the ready to shake and drink protein shakes from […]


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