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Momma’s on a diet!

I lost 2 more lbs! As some of you know while doing New LifeStyle Diet I am also nursing my 5 month old baby. With the lower calories I have been monitoring my milk supply all has been well Until this last week. I noticed it seem to drop. I have started adding solids into babies diet so thought it might a bit. I had to make a few adjustments to ensure not loosing my milk.

I love that New Lifestyle has great vitamin balance and nutrients, adjustments with baby and myself have been easy and has given me some knowledge as to helping me balance and maintain once I reach my goal.

This week I used shakes for snacks and eat food at meals – still watched what I eat but had to eat so I could build milk back up . I still lost the 2 lbs and maintained it all but built my milk back up too. All is good with both baby and I adjusting to new diet her on solids and my eating too.

I also took this time to play with my food so to speak. I was able to enhance the shake and added stuff to them new life style, die, lifestyle, womens, weight loss, loose, shakes, pudding, meals, team tkd, traci davis, water, drinkto give them a few more calories.

I just love my magic bullet mixer – fill with 8 oz of water add (mocha/chocolate or vanilla) shake packet, 1 banana and a tsp of Peanut Butter – hit the button and enjoy only adds 180 more calories for a total of 280 great for an extra tough workout too!

With the Strawberry or Vanilla you can add a different fruit or veggi of your choice yumm. Still getting the great protein.

Oh and one evening I thought I was very hungry so I decided I would do 2 pudding packets as my snack – wow to much. These are very filling for sure.

I am excited to see where New LifeStyle can take me.


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