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Wow this is great

Ok so 8 weeks on New LifeStyle Diet and now down 25 pounds!! Down one more pant size (only one pant size to go to be pre-pregnancy size again!! Woohoo!! None of you have any excuses out there .. I run a FULL time business, left my husband with his business have 3 kids (breastfeeding on of them) and am on the go. new lifestyle, diet, shakes, puddings, bars, snacks

I am so excited about how easy this diet is and I can pack it with me too. Well in Texas summer heat I need an ice pack for my lunch bar or it is a bit messy! But who doesn’t love messy chocolate!

I have gotten frustrated at myself a few times know how hard I worked to get this weight off a few years back and kept it off so well and during pregnancy let some creep back on at the end, but so thankful for the New Lifestyle diet to help me get it off.

I can not wait to slip on my next pair of smaller jeans!


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