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I am always on the go

With 9 month old baby, 16 year old daughter on the go and 9 year old daughter wanting to run the other direction. Plus full time everything! I am always in a hurry and running out of time. I love the ready to shake and drink protein shakes from New Lifestyle Diet. They are so handy – I have them in my truck, in my purse and in the diaper bag. Always ready. I am not big on even feeding my kids fast food thru a drivenew life style, die, lifestyle, womens, weight loss, loose, shakes, pudding, meals, team tkd, traci davis, water, drink, cinna-snack, chocolate, snack, it works, fuel, chick fil a, peach, drink, chips, bbq, thru and even they like the taste of the protein shakes and it will fill them up until we are home to eat. I love it that I can add my own water so I am not worried about having to keep it cold so it does not go bad. It is ready when I am, and that is never known and can change daily with my schedule. There is so many great flavors of course chocolate and peach I love and I look forward to trying peanut butter and mocha. Yumm

These drinks are only 100 calories and satisfy you fast and keep you satisfied! Be sure to visit New Lifestyle Diet website and check them out today!


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