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How is the new years resolutions going

It takes 21 days to develop a habit – that is what the experts say, so if you started the 1st or the 2nd on your new years resolution, you should be well on your way!

new life style, die, lifestyle, womens, weight loss, loose, shakes, pudding, meals, team tkd, traci davis, water, drink, cinna-snack, chocolate, snack, it works, fuel, chick fil a, tomtraIt is a big choice to find that perfect fit for for a long term commitment of better eating and lifestyle change. Protein in your diet is a must for loosing weight and New Lifestyle Diet offers a lot of protein. And good protein, a good combo of whey and soy.

New Lifestyle puddings come in flavors such as dark chocolate, lemon, cheesecake, butterscotch and banana. Shake flavors include vanilla, strawberry, tropical blend and chocolate. Some flavors, such as mocha and cocomint, can be either shakes or puddings. Examples of nutrition bars are butter pecan caramel, cinnamon oatmeal raisin and cookie dough, and snack options include barbecue chips and pretzels. Possible shake replacements include chicken or tomato soup, hot chocolate, oatmeal, pasta with beef or cheese and chili; you can have these to replace a shake for any of your meals or snacks. At dinner, eat 8 ounces of lean protein, such as poultry, fish, lean beef, eggs or cottage cheese, 2 cups of vegetables and seasonings. Can not get much better then that!

No matter what diet or healthy eating change you started for the new year, if you have done it daily you have reached a mile stone! Keep it up and you are well on your way to the new you and new body! 


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